UMCH youth help lead a Vacation Bible School

Toward the end of the summer break, our youth had an amazing opportunity to lead a week of Vacation Bible School for children in the Reynoldstown community. Twelve residents and five leaders from UMCH helped lead the program for kindergartners through sixth graders. Our youth led the large group songs and either led or helped lead at each of the stations that were set up for the Reynoldstown children.


Dane Martin, Activities Supervisor at UMCH, is incredibly proud of the leadership that UMCH youth demonstrated over the week:


“All of our youth from UMCH were ready and willing to step up. They started strong, knowing exactly how to run their stations and encouraged each of the children to participate. The first day was a little tough and tiring, but once Tuesday came around, everyone was just as ready and soon took upon the responsibility to arrive early and help pack the van before we left.


“Even with no air conditioning in part of the house and sometimes very rambunctious kids, everyone from UMCH did an excellent job at leading, finding a need and helping, and creating relationships with the younger children. The days were long, but there wasn’t any complaining on the daily trip back to campus. Instead there were conversations about which kids they loved being with the most and how they couldn’t wait to get back the next day. I was so proud of our youth and impressed in their leadership, understanding that they were role models for these children and they didn’t disappoint them. We would be drenched in sweat, laughing and reminding each other of funny situations that happened that day.


“In having such good attitudes and lively spirits, our youth at UMCH showed and shared God’s love with children they didn’t know. Our youth transformed into servant leaders, and whether they knew it or not they were following the example of Christ: loving their neighbor. It was an exciting week where love was at the center, and it was full of laughter, sweat, tears, and a new heart for others. As we left, many of our youth from UMCH wanted to come back the next week and continue working with them. Everyone’s dedication to the week, pouring themselves into the children, showed that this was as important for our youth as it was for the Reynoldstown children.”


Youth and children play at VBS

Our youth play outside with the Reynoldstown children


UMCH staff Hillary Peete helps out at one of the VBS "stations"

UMCH staff member Hillary Peete helps out at one of the VBS “stations”


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