From a “Snow Party” to SNOW!

We’re all digging out from the snow around here and remembering the “Snow Party” thrown by some of the youth in our Independent Living Program for the children at Our House (a preschool for homeless families in Decatur). Little did our youth know they’d be getting the kiddos prepared for REAL snow in a few short days!


ILP youth sets up the cupcake station


Our youth set up activity stations based on the theme of winter and snow.


Snowman made with cupcakes


The preschoolers made edible snowmen (mini cupcakes, decorated with white icing, raisins for eyes, pretzels for arms, a carrot sliver for a nose, and a fruit roll up for a hat and scarf).


Making snow cones


One of our youth manned the snow cone station.


Making tree pictures with the kids


And the children made art using their hand prints.


Tree pictures


Their hand prints formed the base of the tree – no leaves of course, since it’s winter!


The party was a big hit with the preschoolers, and our youth had a great time as well! Of course, the real snow that followed a few days later was pretty exciting too!


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