An update on baby Emma

Baby Emma


If you receive our magazine, Signposts, you may have read our cover story recently about baby Emma. (To read the printed story, click here.) Emma was diagnosed as a newborn with tri-retinal carcinoma – a cancer that her mother survived as well. Emma has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy, which is incredibly hard on her little body. It has been very difficult for her parents for obvious reasons, but also very hard financially. Our Gainesville District Office received a call that this family was in need of help, and UMCH staff responded to not only help this family, but also to organize local churches to offer support to the family as well.


Emma’s mother contacted us this week to let us know how Emma is doing. Emma has one more treatment remaining for chemotherapy (lasting about a month). The good news is that she has been maintaining her weight at 17 pounds (which is very important), and the best news of all is that the tumors in Emma’s eyes have been reduced to scars and the tumor in her brain has shrunk 75 percent in mass! The doctors are really pleased with Emma’s progress and are “very optimistic” about her recovery.


We are rejoicing with Emma’s family, and continuing to pray for her healing. Thank you also for praying for baby Emma!


An update on this update… We just heard that Emma is pretty sick right now, and that her family is having some significant financial issues as well. Please join us in praying for her healing and God’s provision for her family. Thank you!


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