Youth learn how to cook healthy meals on a budget

ILP nutrition class


Youth in our Independent Living Program are enjoying a nutrition class on Tuesday nights in the wonderful new teaching space in newly renovated Leigh Cottage. The class is made possible by a University of Georgia grant program, and it teaches the students nutrition concepts as well as how to cook on low budget. In every class, the teacher, Lynda Flowers, prepares a meal in front of the students, and everyone gets to sample the dish.


Mary Pittman, Manager of ILP, is pleased to see how the youth are enjoying the class and learning at the same time: “The teacher comes from a place of understanding with the youth. She talks a lot about health issues related to poverty — because it is cheaper to eat processed food.”


Mary says the students participate in the class and give good feedback to Ms. Flowers, who gets them laughing a lot. “She’s very interactive, does lots of role plays and games, and engages them in conversation,” Mary says. “This week, she talked about incorporating fruits and veggies into your meal and buying produce in season to save money. I do think that they’re learning a lot.”


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