Thanking Lil Jon

We apologize for the lack of updates here lately – we had some problems with our website management system that prevented us from making updates last week. But we’re back, and a lot has happened in the meantime!


One of the most exciting things last week was an event we held on our campus to thank Lil Jon for his efforts on The Celebrity Apprentice. No, he didn’t win the title, but he did win UMCH $80,000, plus he raised awareness of our ministry to an entire nation of viewers. We call that a win!




LJ walks


Lil Jon, his wife and son (DJ Young Slade), and his mother, all came out on Tuesday for the press conference and celebration.


LJ fam


He also brought along his mascot (who happens to be his brother!).




Lil Jon not only received praise from our staff and youth, but even received accolades from DeKalb County’s CEO, who declared that day in the county to be “Lil Jon Day.” He also received an award from perhaps his biggest fan – his mom.


LJ and mom


One of our youth, Chris, shared some funny and heartwarming words with the crowd…




…Lil Jon shared his thoughts on the day (which coincided with his late father’s birthday)…


LJ speaks


…and later on in a private event, some of our youth and Family Housing clients performed for Lil Jon.




LJ at talent show


He ended the day with a private lunch with our youth in ILP and TLP.


We are grateful not just for the gift of money and awareness, but also for the gift of time that Lil Jon gave to us over the past couple of months. The time he spent with our youth one-on-one impressed all of us. Thanks again, Lil Jon!


LJ and BOC

(Lil Jon poses with UMCH administrator, Bev Cochran)


P.S. Many thanks to Laura Lee Photography for the amazing photographs!


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