How you can pray for us

Looking for a way to help our children and families, but your time and wallet are both stretched to the max? Why not add the Children’s Home to your prayer list? Whether in your own personal reflection time or in your circle or other church group, the prayers you offer up on our behalf are always needed and most appreciated. Here are some current and specific ways you can pray for us.


  • The children, staff and volunteers of Jesse’s House. Pray that this new program enriches the youth and families who are participating. Pray that our Jesse’s House staff and interns will be encouraged by the important work they are doing. Pray that our volunteers will recognize what a gift spending time reading with a child offers.
  • Pray for those staff who work with our TLP participants. Pray that their visits with these young adults will help them on their way to full self-sufficiency.
  • Pray for our ILP residents who will be leading VBS for the Stewart Center in Reynoldstown in July. Pray that God will use this opportunity to care for others to teach and inspire all involved.
  • Pray for all families connected with UMCH, from those in Family Housing to those in our Foster Care program. Pray that this summer will be a time of rest, renewal and joy for each of them.


Thank you for your prayers and support for our children and families! We are very grateful for them, and for you.


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