Let’s get out the vote – 10 days to go!

Thank you for voting every day through February 23 for UMCH in the Aprons in Action contest on Facebook (vote right here) put on by The Home Depot Foundation. With your help, we could win $25,000 in The Home Depot gift cards to build a new playground for our youngest children on campus. Not only that, if we win the initial $25,000, then next month we will compete for the grand prize of $250,000 with all the other monthly winners from the past year!


If you haven’t voted yet, here are the easy steps to make your vote count!


– You do have to sign up for Facebook to vote, and the voting links below work best if you’re already signed in to your Facebook account. Here are step-by-step directions:


1. When you sign in to Facebook, come back to this page and click this link to vote.


2. This should take you to a page with a big graphic – it might take a minute to appear on your screen.


3. Scroll down a little ways and you should see four photos and then a list of the four competitors – UMCH is #2.


4. Click the circle by our name, then click “vote.”


5. Next, please click “allow” to allow The Home Depot Foundation to access your basic information, which enables The Home Depot to monitor the contest and ensure that each voter only votes once per day. The Home Depot takes their contest and your privacy seriously, and they will not access your private information.


6. And finally, please click “share” to tell all your friends about us and help us win.


– The Home Depot Foundation’s voting page doesn’t work on cell phones and other mobile devices, you’ll need to vote from your computer.


– While you’re on Facebook, click over to the Children’s Home Facebook page and become our friend. We’ll be sending daily reminders to our Facebook friends during the contest.


– After voting yourself, the best way to help us win is to tap into your circle of friends. Does your church have an email or a Facebook page? Would your coworkers vote for us? How about your niece with 1200 Facebook friends – would she ask them all to vote for us? Together we can win this!


We need your help! Visit THIS PAGE and vote for the United Methodist Children’s Home to win. You can vote once every 24 hours until February 23, so please return every day to vote!


With just a quick click, you can build a playground for our children!


Thank you for helping us improve the Children’s Home for the children and families who live here! Vote today!


Home Depot volunteers at UMCH

Home Depot employees volunteering on our campus

Home Depot volunteers work on our campus



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