Let’s (still) build that playground!

Wow! Thank you all so very much for all that you did to support us and rally behind the goal of winning $25,000 from the Home Depot Foundation in their Facebook contest to build a playground for our younger children on campus. The official results came in this morning, and unfortunately, we did not win the $25,000. However, we are thrilled to have received $5,000 for coming in second place, and we thank The Home Depot Foundation for that gift, and for allowing us to participate in such an exciting race-to-the-finish contest.


Congratulations to the Veterans Guest House in Reno for the win, and we know that the $25,000 grant will go far in helping to house our veterans, which is a very worthy cause!


And most of all, thank you to you, our wonderful community of friends, who rallied behind us to try to win the money for the playground. We were overwhelmed at the support we received—from old friends to brand-new supporters. We had over 17,000 votes at the end of the contest, which speaks to the strength of our community. We feel blessed to be trusted by you to carry out this important work that God has called us to.


But the work is not over! There is still a playground to be built! If everyone who voted gave at least $10, we could easily fund the remaining cost of the playground (the $5,000 we received from The Home Depot Foundation will start us out!). Please make a donation today, here on our secure website*, and together we will build that playground for our sweet children like four-year-old Sam, who we told you about in our Facebook posts.


Again, thank you so much for all that you did to vote, to share, and to spread the word of the life-saving work that is happening at the Children’s Home. We can only do what we do because of you, and we are grateful!


-Your friends at the Children’s Home


*You can also mail your donations to us. Please make your check out to UMCH, indicate that it is for the playground, and mail it to 500 S. Columbia Drive, Decatur GA 30030. Thank you!


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