S’mores, football and new friends

After the Agape Meal on Sunday night, a men’s group from Roswell UMC came to hang out at the Children’s Home. We set up by the lake and roasted marshmallows and made s’mores for a couple of hours. Five of our youth from our Independent Living Program and one of the older children from Family Housing came to hang out. It was not planned this way, but it ended up being an all-guys event, which seemed to be good for all parties. The men talked with the younger men and got to know them and their interests.  Everyone had their fill of s’mores, and some even had more than their stomachs could take.


Then – as often happens when lots of guys get together – some of the younger men had a race, as the men watched and cheered them on. Later the youth played football as the adults watched. It was a great time for a group of older and younger men to get together, finding common ground and having a good time together.


The evening ended as the sun went down, and some of the residents stayed to watch the stars come out. That night, it didn’t feel like we were in Decatur, Georgia, but rather like we had gone somewhere far away, where the distractions of being “plugged in” had disappeared and what was left was food, new friends, and fun by all.


-Dane Martin, Supervisor of Recreation and Activities


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