The Grand Opening of our newest program!

The front of Whitehead Hall

Whitehead Hall has served many purposes through the years, but perhaps none so important as the task ahead: housing young mothers and their babies.


So on this glorious day in April, we celebrated the grand opening of the Nurturing Connections Second Chance Program.


Shower food

The theme for the Open House was… a Baby Shower, of course!


Richard Puckett at Open House

Dr. Richard Puckett, Director of PR & Development at UMCH, welcomed the crowd and opened the short ceremony with a prayer for the young moms and babies who will soon fill the rooms of the building.


Kathy Herren at Open House

Kathy Herren, Acting Deputy Director of the Division of Family and Children Services, spoke and introduced Ron Scroggy.


Ron Scroggy at Open House

Ron Scroggy, Acting State Director of the Division of Family and Children Services, spoke to the crowd.


Terence Johnson at open house

Terence Johnson, Director of Programs at UMCH, introduced the new UMCH employees who will staff the Second Chance program.


Ribbon cutting

The staff of the Second Chance program had the honor of cutting the ribbon.


Bedroom inside
Inside: one of the bedrooms to be shared by a mom and her baby.


Princess bed

A little girl will no doubt love sleeping in this cute bed!


Play area

A sitting/play area



Where the young ones will play!


While the chaos that will bring these young mothers and their babies to us is difficult, we are excited and honored to be able to serve families in this way, and to instill hope and a “second chance” for these youth and their children.


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