Who doesn’t love a good makeover?!

We are thrilled to announce that we were selected as Room Service Atlanta’s non-profit for 2012, which means Sam Bell Cottage – which houses young men in our Independent Living Program – will receive a makeover, courtesy of some of the city’s best designers. Six apartments are housed in Sam Bell Cottage, and each apartment will be emptied and started from scratch. The end result should be a warm, welcoming home for our young men to stay while they work toward their independence.


Here are pictures of a couple of the rooms  that will be taken on by a team of designers with Room Service Atlanta:

Sam Bell Cottage teen meeting center

These rooms are used as a meeting center for the ILP students.

Sam Bell Cottage teen meeting center room 2


If you’d like to volunteer with Room Service Atlanta to make Sam Bell Cottage a brighter, better place for our young men to live, click here. And if you’d like to donate toward the project, click here, choose “Other,” and then type in “Room Service Atlanta.”


Installation is scheduled for late October, so check back then for photos of the makeover, as well as details for an Open House!


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