Kroger Community Rewards

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Now your grocery budget will do more than feed your family nutritious food – you’ll nourish the hearts and minds of our children, too! The Children’s Home is a member of Kroger’s Community Rewards program. When you sign up online, UMCH will receive a donation every time you shop using your Kroger Plus Card. It is really that easy! Here’s how to sign up:


1.  Visit

2.  Sign in or create an account with your Kroger Plus Card number.

3.  Click “Enroll Now.”

4.  Search for our name (hint: just type “the united” and it’ll find us!) or the number 56630.

5. Click the box next to our name, and click “Enroll.”


That’s it! The next time you scan your Kroger Plus Card, Kroger will automatically make a donation to the mission and ministry of The Children’s Home. Thank you!



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