Adopted, Baptized, Transformed – Javon and Destiny’s Story



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Every child deserves a “forever family.”


Mike and I always wanted our own children, but God chose to bless us in a slightly different way. Our story starts when we heard about the Foster Care Program at The United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH) through our church. The urgent need for foster families helped us to see that by fostering we could be the hands of Christ in the lives of children.


Many couples begin fostering as a means to adopt one day, but Mike and I always envisioned influencing children’s lives until they could reunite with their parents. Looking into the future, we imagined ourselves having cared for 40 or more foster kids, being part of their lives and creating this great extended family. However, God had a different vision.


Our first placement, ten-year-old twins, stayed a short time before leaving us to live with an uncle. Even so, they filled our home with fun and laughter. Their extraordinary insights left a lasting impression. Our next placement was five-year-old Javon and his three-year-old sister Destiny. They too filled our lives and our hearts. As it became apparent that they would never be placed back with their natural family, God began to unveil his vision for their lives and ours. Admittedly, we had a hard time transitioning to the idea of parenting only two children and not the 40 in our fantasy. Mike and I, however, knew that God had called us to become Javon and Destiny’s “forever parents”. In January of this year we celebrated the finalization of their adoptions as well as their baptisms in our church. We hope the photos of our new family offer a glimpse of the transformation we’ve all witnessed and personally felt.


UMCH creates a remarkable experience for its fostering families. From our wonderful caseworker to the amazing support team, our resources are endless. Our children, too, directly reap benefits like back-to-school gear, doctor referrals and tutoring. Spiritual needs are also remembered. When adopted, each child receives a personal Bible from UMCH that’s embossed with their new name.


So many kids go through the Foster Care system, and that’s heartbreaking, but if we open our hearts, we can provide the love and care they deserve so they can live the life God intended. Your donations to The United Methodist Children’s Home help make that happen and we appreciate your continued support so that other children’s lives may be transformed like ours.


May God bless you and your family this Easter,

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Patches & Mike Mongeon





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