Kids Helping Kids VBS Mission Kit

"We love because He first loved us."


Looking for a free, fun way to connect your VBS children to the wider mission of the United Methodist Church? Our Kids Helping Kids VBS Mission Kit works with any VBS theme and gives your children a hands on way to help other children from right here in North Georgia. The kit contents are available here and includes everything you need to easily:


  • Teach your children about empathy and compassion
  • Teach your children about stewardship
  • Help your children understand the needs of other children in the community
  • Raise funds for the United Methodist Children’s Home through fun, easy to implement ideas
  • Create a new generation of Christian supporters for UM agencies and causes


Our Kids4Kids Mission Kit is flexible, works for any size church, and can be customized to fit your needs and resources. The kit includes:
Sticker: "I made a difference in a kid's life!"


  • An informational letter and email to send to parents prior to your VBS explaining the mission
  • Fundraising ideas and “how-to” implement them with no hassles
  • Flyers to send home with your children
  • A link to video resources from UMCH to show during chapel time for inspiration
  • Professionally designed flyers
  • A (nice!) sticker for each child who participates
  • A template for a certificate of participation for each child who participates


You can use ALL the ideas and resources, or you can pick one or two things from the Kit and easily implement those. All funds raised by your children for our children will go directly to help the children, teens, and families we serve in our Decatur campus and in our District Offices, all over North Georgia. So your children will help children in their own community.
We need to empower the children of the North Georgia Conference to be a part of God’s work at UMCH! THEY do the fundraising, not you, and not the parents! You can hold a Movie Night, a Car Wash, or take orders for pizza, Chick-fil-a, or any local restaurant for your Friday Picnic Celebration, add a dollar or two, and donate that. Children can play the violin in carpool, sell coffee in the drop off line, or make homemade dog treats to sell to church members. We want to hear about your creative ways to raise money for UMCH! Whatever you do, we know God will bless it!For questions about the Kids4Kids VBS Mission Kit, please contact The Rev. Teresa Angle-Young,, 404-327-5837.


You may download the free mission kit here.


Just today, our Coordinator of Foster Care Training, Denise Peacock, wrote this to me:
“I am on call and have turned away 9 children since Saturday–including 3 yr old twins, brothers 5 and 10, a teen mother and her 6 mo old son :(.  On a positive note, the three homes approved this year, all had children in them within a week or so of approval and we are serving more kids than at any time in recent years.”
As you can see, the need has never been greater. But we are encouraged because of the love you show our children and families, and because we know that together, with God’s help, we can bring transformative, healing grace to a hurting world.


Thank you so much for your support of The United Methodist Children’s Home!


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