Family Housing Celebrations


May was a month of welcomes, celebrations and graduations in our Family Housing program.


Two weeks ago we welcomed Tanasia* and her three daughters to their new home on our campus.


We also celebrated with Louise when she found a job after months of searching.


The biggest celebration was with Summer when she graduated from our program in mid-May after two years at UMCH.  A single parent of one child, Summer was a victim of an abusive marriage. She first came to UMCH, speaking very little English and unable to attempt to speak without crying, after her husband took all their belongings and fled town, leaving her alone with their child, penniless and unable to communicate.  However, she took charge of her situation – she called police, found a shelter and was referred to our program. She was able to learn English through a tutor, earned her Child Development Associate certification, and has started college courses. While at UMCH, she built her savings and gained full custody of her daughter.  Summer is grateful for the opportunity that she was given and plans to pursue her education in order to provide a better life for her child. We pray for continued strength, determination and all of God’s blessings for Summer and her daughter!


* Like many of our residents, two of these women have been victims of abuse, therefore we maintain strict confidentiality.



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