An adoption story

In December, Alison and Brice Hope adopted Bryson, whom they had fostered for 17 months. The Hopes met Bryson when he was just two days old, and they stayed in the hospital for 12 days with him until he could come home.


“It was surreal,” said Alison. “You can’t even imagine walking into a hospital and meeting your child for the first time. It’s really a crazy experience. You fall in love instantly even if you try not to. It just happens. So really, from the first time I laid eyes on him, he was our son.”


Watch the video below to help celebrate this very special adoption story.


Foster parents face the immense challenge of caring for children as if they were their own, but knowing that they most likely will return to the care of their restored family or an approved relative.


Through The United Methodist Children’s Home, the Hopes have fostered multiple children and adopted two. The Children’s Home partners with birth and foster families to help children heal and find permanency.


“The transformation that you see in foster children in just a short amount of time of having a family is just remarkable” said Alison. “You can’t see that and not go back for more.”


The need for foster parents is big, and growing: The Children’s Home must turn away up to 30 children a week in need of a safe, temporary home. Learn more about becoming a foster parent.


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