The Children’s Home has a new mission, vision and values

In August our Board approved a new five-year strategic plan. This new plan will be historic for The Children’s Home. We are excited to reveal our new mission, vision and values.

Our mission:

We restore children and families from trauma through Jesus Christ.


Our vision:

We envision a world where every child is raised in a loving, compassionate, and nurturing home.

Our values:

1. We Model Christ
Our actions and our words reflect the love and teachings of Jesus. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are His hands, feet and heart in the world today. We know that He Lives! And so we partner with Jesus in His continuing, active, restoring, and redeeming Kingdom mission. We live in a way that draws others to Christ and in accordance with the Book of Discipline.
2. We Choose to Act
When faced with the choice to pause or to act, we act. We act proactively, in anticipation of what is needed. No amount of resistance, or fear, or uncertainty will keep us from acting. We will be persistent in our actions. Taking action begins with making informed plans that are bathed in prayer, and continues through the actions necessary to realize those decisions. Speed and urgency are siblings to action. Our actions demonstrate our passion. Often the first act is to pray.
3. We Pursue Excellence
Good is not good enough when we dream of being great. Even if it’s great this time it will be better next time. Excellence means we exceed the expectations that we have promised – including attitude, cost, time, and quality. Our excellence helps us stand apart from others and helps draw partners to us. We act and become who we need to be in order to achieve our organizational objectives with excellence. Our integrity is our foundation for excellence.
4. We Encourage Innovation
We find new ways to solve old problems. We seize new opportunities, create new markets, new services and new engagement models. We do all these things to serve more people in a more sustainable and transformational way.
5. We are a Unified Team
We are unified. We are aligned as one in accord with our vision, mission and values. Our coach values the team, and has ensured that the entire team is committed to the playbook and has the right equipment. We rush to a teammate’s aid when he or she is about to drop the ball, or needs me to block or tackle. When teammates score a victory we celebrate them and affirm them. When the crowd cheers we are quick to give our teammates the credit. When the ball is dropped we take responsibility. We all want what’s best for our team, so when we disagree we share our perspective with professionalism, and the views of others are accepted as a gift. We can be trusted with confidential information. We put the best players on the field.
6. We Love to Learn
We love every opportunity to learn! Action with ignorance is unacceptable so we research, test and use reliable data and other information. We seek to continually refresh our understanding and evaluate our progress using the most current information available. We freely share what we know with others. Like most successful inventors, we may fail when we try something new. We see our failures as opportunity. We know that learning sticks when it is experienced through the combination of education, exposure, and first-hand experience. We approach learning from a broad perspective, seeking to understand the possibilities of what could be versus affirming what is already known.
7. We are Ready for Change
Change is constant. Recognizing this we remain flexible. We welcome opportunities to serve others even when it’s inconvenient. We are committed to supporting our colleagues so they can be successful, even if it means we have to give more. We do this out of love. We like the thrill of uncertainty. It helps us live out our faith and it keeps us adaptable. The desire for adaptability is not a license not to plan. We expect good planning too.
8. We are Agile
We can pivot on a dime. The moment we see an opportunity to do more for the mission, or do it better, we will shift resources and pursue it with all our might. Sometimes this means we stop doing other things. We encourage and empower creative problem solving.
9. We Love People
We love all people! This includes the children, young adults and families we serve, our foster families who love our children, our church partners and donors. We love our volunteers, colleagues and our personal families. We love the curious bystanders. We especially love those who question us, those who see things differently from us and those who don’t love us. We love all people. 1 Corinthians 13 is our guide on how we live out our love. If we are not loving you by this guide please tell us.
10. We Act with Integrity
We move in ways that model strong moral principles. The genuineness and virtue of our actions are contagious. We encourage one another daily to withstand challenges that may distract us from being our best. Good character is a prerequisite, demonstrating ethical excellence is a requirement.


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