Community Cooperative Director – Lagrange, GA

Job Title:           Community Cooperative Director

Report to:          Vice President of Advancement

Location:           Lagrange, GA


Job Summary: The Community Cooperative Director position is part of a unique, community based initiative established by the United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH),and is responsible for serving churches across Troup County by helping them establish ministries in support of this initiative. The Community Cooperative Director will report to VP of Advancement who will, in ongoing consultation with Executive Leadership at Promise 686, provide leadership to and management of this role. Must work  out of LaGrange office.



The Community Cooperative Director will provide leadership, coordination and ongoing support for all aspects and phases of the implementation of Live The Promise (LTP) in the Troup County area and throughout North Georgia region.


  • Passionately communicate the needs of vulnerable children and the impact of the LTP model, conveying details of all programs and other support available to churches via LTP
  • Maintain accurate records of all aspects of all churches’ participation in this ministry
  • Initiate contact with church lay leaders and/or staff members to schedule and hold introductory meetings
  • Plan, schedule and host routine regional awareness meetings, inviting new churches to attend, and presenting the LTP model
  • Identify and collaborate with local stakeholders across Troup County in recruiting and supporting new churches
  • Collaborate with UMCH’s VP of Advancement and Promise 686 regarding engagement of new churches


Community Cooperative Director will maintain LTP:


  • Lead the development and implementation of LTP for UMCH and oversee the program’s growth and expansion into new communities
  • Responsible for assuming all volunteer activities, services and staff related to UMCH programs
  • Train and provide ongoing support to Church Advocates as they build effective and sustainable ministries in their respective churches, including helping with and supporting an annual goal setting process implemented by each lead Advocate
  • Collaborate with local Pastors, church lay leaders, and other key, community leaders to plan and host Regional Advocate Forums
  • Oversee the processing of volunteer applications when needed with DFCS, UMCH or, when appropriate, other Child Protection Agencies (CPAs); and maintain Advocates, foster family, and volunteer status in all applicable UMCH data bases
  • Plan and lead all Troup County Community Cooperative Church Advocate Clinics and Advanced Clinics
  • Act as a liaison between Advocates and DFCS, UMCH, and when appropriate, other CPAs
  • Document all communication with Advocates. Such communication to include at least one phone conference or face-to-face meeting each month, and contact via email at least once each week
  • Match Care Communities and foster families when DFCS, UMCH or other private CPAs have identified a foster family in need, possibly combining volunteers from various churches



General Qualifications

Completion of B.S or B.A. degree from an accredited college. Strong interpersonal, communication, leadership and organizational skills.  Two years’ work experience in a local church setting,  community development setting, or other related work, preferred.


How to Apply

Please email (no phone calls) your resume using the following guidelines:

  • Email:
  • Subject line: {Name of Position}
  • Cover letter should include (in bulleted form): Experience and qualifications for this position
  • Specific Salary requirements
  • Potential Start Date


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