Family Housing

As of November 14, 2017, The Children’s Home application process for our Family Housing program is on hold. Continue to check this webpage for updates pertaining to the application process re-opening.


The Family Housing Program provides short-term supportive housing for intact families at risk of losing their children due to lack of housing or the inability to clothe or feed their children.

The Children’s Home provides a safe place for these families to live, and we also offer supportive budget and employment counseling, as well as other services to help the families heal and thrive. Our homes are available for families with single or married parents who have at least one child at or under the age of 17 in their care.


Families leave with the skills to achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency, so that they stay together and lead healthy, safe and stable lives.

  • They go into their own home.
  • They obtain a reliable job.
  • Parents and children are thriving as a family.

How Does The Program Work?

The Children’s Home provides a fully-furnished home on our campus, which is a neighborhood setting including recreational facilities and shared space. The family lives there until they achieve their mutually agreed upon goals, which is on average 6-18 months. Residents do not pay rent and the length of stay is based on client needs, rather than a defined period of time.


We remove the barrier of homelessness, and provide support in the following key areas to help the family move toward self-sufficiency:

  • Broaden parenting skills
  • Improve financial management skills
  • Provide career coaching
  • Provide spiritual support
  • Advance educational opportunities

Children’s Home staff advocate for the family; teach the family; and provide guidance, motivation, counsel, and constructive feedback. We view our residents as the expert on their family and what they need, and they take a leadership role in achieving their goals.


Family Housing Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply?
    1. Complete online application
  2. When will I hear from someone?
    1. All applications are placed on our waiting list. When openings become available the Family Housing team will contact clients based on the waiting list ONLY if they have additional questions. We do not provide emergency housing.
  3. How long does my application stay on file?
    1. All applications stay on file for 6 months.  Applicants must reapply on our website during the first week of the new quarter following the six month expiration of their application.
  4. What qualifies a family for being considered for the program
    1. Since it is impossible for us to become everything to everyone, we decided that our service would not be geared toward the chronically homeless. Instead, we wanted to focus on families who have the potential of using our help to resolve problems that were brought on by their crisis. Therefore, we established our target of helping families who have suddenly become homeless, or are facing homelessness, and are in need of housing for their family.  We accept single parent households as well as married couples with children under the age of 18.  Families are expected to be living together prior to being accepted into the program.
  5. Once a family is selected to participate in the housing program please provide a copy of the following:
    1. Current picture ID for each adult
    2. Birth certificate of all household members
    3. Marriage certificate for all married couples
    4. Social security cards for all household members
  6. How long can a family stay in the program?
    1. We provide short term housing that is based on a family’s progress towards targeted goals and outcomes which are time specific.
  7. If your contact information or living situation changes within six months of applying, please contact UMCH at 404-327-5820 to update your application.

Please note that effective December 1, 2016 all applications will be completed electronically on our website .  Applications will be accepted on a quarterly basis for the first week of every quarter.  All clients are encouraged to check our website as all notifications will be posted there.


Why The United Methodist Children’s Home?

We are a faith-based ministry that serves all clients regardless of religion, gender, age and race. We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation and Eagle. We are one of the few ministries that serves homeless families with two parents.


Online Application


For further information and eligibility requirements, email Family Housing: 



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