Foster Care in Georgia

At The Children’s Home we turn away at least 40 kids a week from being placed in our foster homes because we also don’t have enough foster homes. Currently, there are over 14,000 children in the Foster Care system—due to neglect, abandonment or abuse.

Of the 14,000+ children in the foster care system over 60% are placed outside of their home county. What we know from multiple studies is that it is better for the child, foster parent, biological parent, and DFCS worker to place children as close as possible to their community of origin. It helps increase the possibility of reunification, promotes a better working relationship between the foster parent and biological parent, and it helps children keep an increased sense of identity.

Right now, a majority of children are being placed outside of their own communities. These children could be placed over an hour from their homes and in some cases as many as two hours because there are not enough local foster homes available. This decreases the possibility of reunification and can have life-changing consequences on children who age out of the foster care system.

This is why, together, we are saying yes.

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