Independent Living Program


The Independent Living Program at The United Methodist Children’s Home both empowers and emotionally supports older adolescents to help them make the transition from foster care to independence. The Independent Living Program is perfect for youth who are responsible, goal-oriented, self-motivated and determined to be successful. We develop a sense of pride in our youth as they grow into adulthood by teaching them the skills they need to live successful lives.


The Independent Living Program is for youth in the foster care system who are at least 17 years of age and are ready for a decreased level of supervision as they prepare for independence. UMCH staff provide 24-hour support to the youth living in community-based housing. Staff also:

  • Teach youth to maintain skills of daily living
  • Support and guide youth in obtaining educational, vocational and employment opportunities
  • Assist youth in obtaining medical services and securing mental health services as needed

The Children’s Home Independent Living Program was the #1 program in the state of Georgia at the end of 2012 – receiving the highest scores by state regulators of any similar program!






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