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Your gifts have such a positive impact on the children and families we serve!  We could not do what we do without you.


Because of you…we are making a difference. Like we did for a young mother named Renee.


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Renee* never believed she would be a victim of domestic abuse.  But she was.


And she never believed she would end up homeless.  But she did.
Renee was expecting her second child when the unthinkable happened. Her abusive husband forced her and her four-year-old son out of their home. Her only choice was to move into a decrepit hotel in a run-down part of town. This was no place for a single, pregnant mom.  And certainly no place for a little boy to live.


With no family support, Renee realized she had to build a new life — a new beginning — for herself and her children.  But with no job and no high school diploma, their future was grim. Renee needed help and she reached out to us.


“The Children’s Home staff were my angels sent to me,” Renee says.  “They gave me back my dignity, my self-worth, and my independence.  I didn’t know what love was until then.


“ I took The Children’s Home parenting classes so I could be a better parent.  I set personal goals and studied to get my high school diploma.  I then got my Child Development Associate credential in early childhood education, because wanted to make sure my children and I were self-sufficient.


“I thank God for the Family Housing ministry.  What they do is priceless.”


Will you help us offer new beginnings for more families like Renee’s with a gift today?


Your gifts are needed now, more than ever.  Many children, young adults, and families look to The Children’s Home for help.


With your support, together we can turn the tide for others in desperate need. Truly, every gift makes a difference for someone we serve.  Please give today.



*Name changed for privacy



Donate Button 2017 Appeal


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